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The most important aspect in diagnosing a medical condition is a thorough physical examination. In many cases, it is important to run additional diagnostic testing such as lab work, radiographs, ultrasound, echocardiogram, and/or other diagnostic procedures. Our doctors will make recommendations based on their initial physical exam findings as to what your pet's needs are in order to provide the best medical care available.

PENNHip: We are certified for performing radiological technique for early screening of Hip Dysplasia. Visit this website for more details www.pennhip.org

Endoscopy: We can perform a non-invasive exam of the ears, nose, throat, stomach, or colon via endoscopy.

Electrocardiogram: We have an on site EKG machine that is able to diagnose even the most complex heart problems. Dermatology: Even the smallest skin condition can make your pet miserable. Most skin problems can be managed through proper at-home care. A thorough physical exam and diagnostic testing can help improve your pet's quality of life. We provide full service skin care ranging from skin problems to allergy testing. Visit www.varlallergy.com for more information on allergy testing.

Laboratory testing: We use in house and off site laboratories to ensure comprehensive analysis of blood, stool, and urine. We also offer cytological diagnosis and biopsies on lesions and masses.


Dietary & Nutritional Counseling: We can customize a diet program based on your pet's specific needs. We also carry many prescription diets that are specifically formulated for certain medical conditions. Pet Insurance: Monthly pet premiums for new puppies and kittens are highly affordable. We recommended pet insurance for your pet. You can check out their websites at
www.GoPetplan.com or www.trupanionpetinsurance.com