Specialized Extreme care with observation.

Complete pet prescription services.

Advanced patient services.

Annual Visits:

Having your pet examined every year can help aid in the diagnosis of disease processes that your pet may not be presenting. These may include cardiac issues, osteoarthritic problems, eye diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts, dental disease, and obesity. As your pet ages, diseases processes can present more quickly, therefore an exam every 6 months may be recommended for your pet. Blood work will also be performed to establish a baseline for organ function and to detect heartworm disease. A stool sample will be analyzed for parasitic infestation. Any vaccinations needed by your pet will be administered at their annual visit.


Dietary & Nutritional Counseling: We can customize a diet program based on your pet's specific needs. We also carry many prescription diets that are specifically formulated for certain medical conditions.

Pet Insurance: Monthly pet premiums for new puppies and kittens are highly affordable. We recommended pet insurance for your pet. You can check out their websites at www.GoPetplan.com or www.trupanionpetinsurance.com